Health Plans

Conserve Cash

MediBarter can reduce cash burn in level-funded and self-funded plans while reducing employee out-of-pocket costs.

Health plans have a unique opportunity to conserve cash

MediBarter is integrating traded healthcare with health plans

Leveraging our knowledge of health plans, we’re working to integrate barter with health plans to achieve a range of goals for employers and employees:

Level-Funded Plans

hold on to more cash

If you’re level funded, you know the importance of keeping healthcare costs under control. Why not have a strategy to protect the money accumulating in your claims account?

Trade dollars allocated to employees can be used instead of the health plan. This builds a buffer between claims and the funds in your claims account. Trade dollars can be applied to high frequency care as well as more expensive healthcare services such as surgeries. This conserves cash for both the employee and the employer. It’s a win-win strategy. 

Self-Funded Plans

Traded healthcare does not generate a claim 

Since traded healthcare is not accounted for in the health plan, it does not show as a claim, and is not applied towards stop-loss. This strategy can protect the employer and contain stop-loss costs.

Health Barter Accounts

An HBA may reduce cash outlay for employers and employees

If an employee has an HSA, using trade dollars instead of dipping into their account can conserve their funds for future healthcare expenses.

How can trade dollars be distributed to employees?

To allocate traded healthcare, employers can use sub accounts.

MediBarter employee sub accounts work like “Health Barter Accounts” or “HBAs” to give employees healthcare trade dollars.

Employees can use these trade dollars as an alternative to spending cash in their HSA or incurring out-of-pocket costs. Employee HBAs are self-administrating, so an employee can only spend up to their allocated trade dollar amount.

Since there is no cost or maintenance fee for an employee account, once trade dollars are allocated, the credited amount is in the account until used. There is no “use it or lose it” requirement.

Let's build your CASHLESS healthcare network

Why should you pay for healthcare when you can trade for it? Nominate a doctor, dentist, optician, or specialist and we’ll let them know there are immediate trading partners available. 

Talk with your broker

We’ll collaborate to find savings

MediBarter collaborates with employers and brokers to assist with cost reduction. This involves identifying healthcare providers within the employer's footprint and coordinating with the employer, broker, and TPA to educate employees. Since barter reduces an employee's out-of-pocket costs, this strategy is usually well received.

Employee Cards

A free sub account with no maintenance fees

MediBarter employee accounts work like “Health Barter Accounts” or “HBAs” to give employees healthcare trade dollars.

New Patient Visit $125... Telemedicine Session $150... Cleaning, Exam, X-ray $150... Acupuncture Session $125... Chiropractor Session $150... Eye Exam $125

For TPAs
There's NO COST


We understand the importance of cost controls in level-funded and self-funded health plans.  We’ll identify strategies and trading partners that can conserve cash.

Dental and Vision

A smarter approach

It’s well known that supplemental benefits have very low utilization. When they are used, they often  leave a significant amount of cost to the employee. 

To provide supplemental benefits, employer’s can allocate trade dollars to employees using free sub accounts, or “HBAs”. 

Eye Exams




Contacts Lenses


Oral Surgeons

Cosmetic Dentistry


Pediatric Dentist