Case Studies

Employer Trades for Employee's Dental Work

case study 1

An employee of a Long Island based company needed extensive dental work. The employee had not seen a dentist in several years and needed over $5,000 worth of dental restoration. Concerned about his health and finances, the employee consulted with his employer. 

While the employer had no obligation to pay for the dental work, they wanted to assist their employee and contacted Tradeworks NY to discuss their options. Tradeworks NY sourced a dentist within a week and the employee was able to visit the dentist the next day. 

Cash Saved: $5,400


The dental transaction was completed with full trade in the amount of $5,400. No cash was exchanged between the dentist and the employer. The employer paid a cash transaction fee of $540 to Tradeworks NY.  The employee did not incur any expense. 

Young handsome man wearing casual red tshirt smiling cheerful showing and pointing with fingers teeth and mouth. dental health concept.
Employee receives life changing dental work on trade.

Massage Therapist Trades for Landscape Work


A massage therapist based on Long Island NY was planning to upgrade the landscape at her home. After getting quotes for close to $8,000 she contacted Tradeworks NY to see how she could earn trade dollars in her account. She was $2,000 short of covering $8,000 worth of landscape work. Instead of selling 20 massage sessions one at a time, she simply deposited 20 gift cards valued at $100 each with Tradeworks NY to reach $8,000 in trade dollars. The massage therapists had all the trade dollars she needed to upgrade her landscaping in time for summer. 

Cash Saved: $8,000


The transaction was completed with full trade in the amount of $8,000. No cash was exchanged between the landscape contractor and the massage therapist. The massage therapist paid a cash transaction fee of $800 to Tradeworks NY.  

Massage Therapist gets dream landscape on trade

Non-Profit Receives Large Donation


As the 2022 year end was approaching, a member of Tradeworks NY, an affiliate of MediBarter, had $250,000 in trade dollars in their account. Since barter is reportable income, the member would have received a 1099-B for $250,000. Tradworks NY contacted the member to help them find ways to use their trade dollars.

Besides spending down their trade dollars, Tradeworks NY suggested donating trade dollars to a local charity, also a member on the exchange. The member said he would give it  some thought. A few days later, the member called Tradeworks NY to propose a donation of their trade dollars in the amount of $60,000 to the charity. The non-profit used the trade dollars to acquire goods on the barter exchange to sell in their store. 

Trade Donation: $60,000


The transaction was completed in the amount of $60,000 trade dollars. No cash was exchanged between non-profit and the member making the donation. The non-profit used the funds for the coordination of complex home care services and residential services for medically fragile children.

childhood, leisure and people concept - happy kids with pinwheel having fun at park
Non-profit receives $60,000 for medically fragile children.

tradeworks NY and Medibarter

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