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MediBarter can save cash on a dollar-for-dollar basis for you and your employer. Turn trade dollars into healthcare for yourself or your family.

Looking to Reduce your out-of-pocket healthcare cost?

You’ve come to the right place

Once your employer has trade dollars built up by providing their services and products to other members, they can share those trade dollars with you so you can buy healthcare.

Some employers may share trade dollars for other things employees need. Either way, the process works the same.

Medical, Dental, and Vision

Use trade dollars instead   

Whether it’s a deductible or uncovered care, out-of-pocket costs can take a large bite out of your income. 

Since many people never hit their deductible, using trade dollars to pay for healthcare can be a smart way to conserve cash.

Recruit your Employer

They can allocate trade dollars to you

Get your employer on board and start building a bank of trade credit that can be used for employee healthcare.  Utilizing trade credit can offset your employer’s healthcare costs making MediBarter a win-win strategy. 

Have an HSA?

IT’S YOUR MONEY, Protect it

If you have an HSA, using trade dollars instead of dipping into your account to buy healthcare can conserve your funds which can be used for future healthcare expenses.

MediBarter employee accounts work like “Health Barter Accounts” or “HBAs” to give you healthcare trade dollars.

You can use trade dollars as an alternative to spending funds in your HSA or incurring out-of-pocket costs. Employee HBAs are self-administrating, so you can only spend up to the trade dollars amount.

Since there is no cost or maintenance fee for an employee barter account, once trade dollars are allocated to you, the dollar amount is in your account until you use it. There are no “use it or lose it” rules.

Let's build your CASHLESS healthcare network

Why should you pay for healthcare when you can trade for it? Nominate a doctor, dentist, optician, or specialist, and we’ll let them know there are immediate trading partners available. 

A Team Effort

Turn wasted resources into healthcare

Accumulating trade dollars can be a team effort to fund employee healthcare costs that would otherwise be paid from your savings or HSAs. By identifying strategies that turn under utilized resources into trade dollars, you can help yourself and fellow employees cover healthcare costs with little to no direct cost to your employer. As an employee, you can lead this effort. What should you look for?

Your Employee Account

A free account with no maintenance fees

MediBarter employee accounts work like “Health Barter Accounts” or “HBAs” to give employees healthcare trade dollars.

Is your Employer on this list?

They should be

Barter is highly versatile and can work for all types of businesses. From turning excess capacity into tradable goods to keeping crews busy, trade dollars can be generated instead of letting time go to waste.

Trade dollars earned through your team efforts can be allocated to employees to defray healthcare costs for yourself and even your family members. 

If you are not represented in our list,
please let us know.

Restaurants, Hotels, and Shows

Entertainment Centers

Plumbing, Electrical, and Roofing

Patio, Pool, and Masonry

Lawn Care and Pest Controll

Spas, Hair Salons, and Nail Salons

Camps and Schools

Gyms and Personal Trainers

Tutors and Personal Coaches

Flooring, Doors, and Windows

Equipment and Manufacturing

Auto Repair and Bike Shops

Vacations and Rentals

Marketing and Web Services

Air Conditioning and Heating

Accountants and Lawyers

Home and Office Cleaning 

Painting and Power Washing

Moving and Warehousing

Deli, Bagel, and Pizza Shops