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At Batteries Plus we offer battery, lighting, smart home, key fob and phone repair solutions for retail and business customers alike. Our teams are experts in the field, and outstanding service is what sets us apart. Whether you’re looking for an everyday item or something that’s a little harder to find, we’re here for you.

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It just makes sense. Volume pricing discounts, free on-site assessments, delivery services, energy rebate assistance, locally based products… the list goes on. You concentrate on running your business. Let us handle the rest. It’s our job to make your job easier.

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Memberly adopts a hands-on approach to crafting branded benefits programs tailored for franchise networks. Our program brochures and membership cards serve as invaluable tools for recruitment and retention. Acting as the program administrator, Memberly oversees enrollment and delivers continuous support. Notably, there are no contracts or upfront costs involved.

Our unparalleled capability to cater to national franchises sets us apart. A significant portion of the employees enrolled in our managed CirrusMD program are uninsured, making access to no-cost healthcare a vital safeguard for themselves and their families.

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Our goal is simple: Recycle even more than we sell. Batteries Plus is dedicated to helping the environment by offering a multitude of recycling services for our customers. Whether you have one old battery sitting in your garage or you own a business that has a pallet of batteries, we have a solution for you to make your lives easier while helping the planet.

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Car, Boat, Motorcycle, and Phone Batteries 

When a customer walks through our doors or shops on our site, they have a specific need, and it’s up to our experts to determine what that is, and to find the best possible solution.

Whether it’s the college kid who needs their phone repaired, or the fisherman who needs a new battery for his boat. The family who needs to power their RV for a cross-country road trip or the mom who needs her car battery tested & installed. The business owner who needs to power a single company car or an entire fleet. Customers from all walks of life; businesses large and small. Our experts are ready to help.


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