Barter for dental work? It’s happening more than you know

MediBarter has their finger on the pulse of healthcare barter, and it’s beating loud and strong when it comes to dental barter.  They’ve recorded cases of dental work with values over $7,000 being fully bartered or 100% barter, and they plan to make this a common occurrence on their healthcare centric barter exchange.

Why would a dentist accept barter? The answer is simple once you understand how barter works. When a business has excess capacity, such as production time, they can turn that into goods that are bartered and use that credit to buy the items they need for their operation or personal use. Same goes for a dentist such as an oral surgeon that has an opening in their schedule or a cancellation. Why let this slot go to waste? Fill the open time with bartered patients, and use barter dollars to buy just about anything for the office or home. Barter trade dollars can even be  allocated to the dental office staff to buy healthcare or anything else they need.

MediBarter also promotes barter between healthcare providers. This strategy supports the healthcare community and works to defray costs. In this case, the staff at the dental office can use barter dollars to access doctors and a variety of other healthcare they would otherwise pay for in cash.

If your dentist isn’t accepting barter, you can nominate them on the MediBarter website by going to “Nominate” in the menu bar and select Dentist from the drop down. Fill in your current dentist’s information or the dentist you would like to use and MediBarter will contact them to discuss your barter case. Don’t forget, you’ll need trade dollars from your business or your employer to pay the dentist.